death penalties visualization

I watching the ted talk by David McCandless about the visualization of data (posted below) there was one graphic that i really liked that made use of circles.001

I dont know what it is, but i think this circular idea has something going for it, at least in my head. The simple yet solid form speaks to me and doing some more reasearch in graphic design and data visualization i came across Josef Muller Brockmann, a Swiss graphic designer whos use of simple Helvetica style graphics has sweedish design written all over it *cough*


The work that really caught my eye when i had this circle idea running in it was his work for the line of beethoven posters

beethoven-josef-muller-brockmann 100-Days79-450x637

but more so this one that i found on a blog about Brockmann


it more or less looked exactly like what i had in mind


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