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death penalties visualization influences

now that i have the basic tool to show the infomation, I want to dress it up a little. Sticking with the idea of clean crisp sweedish design brought on by Josef Muller i found a few online virial adverts for Ridley Scotts 2012, Prometheus. I love the simple geometric shapes flickering onscreen. They kind of remind me of when i was a kid growing up. Television would only start at about 5am after being turned off at around midnight. it would display this really creapy image or test card in the mean time.


strangely its the seemingly weird shapes and patterns round the edges that i fight really attrictave. that is why when i watched the prometheus vrial my brian jumped.

005 002 003 004

abpve, some stills from the advert.

death penalties visualization idea

As i said before i want to show the corrilation between the number of death penalties in each country to the number of people living in said country. I quickly jotted down this almost illegable set of squggiles (no i wasnt just testing to see if my graphics tablet still worked) the way im gonna go about it basicly calculateing the number of people executided in conentant (asia, europe, africa etc.) then show that in comparison to the number of people that live in those areas in total. I feel this will really put the numbers in perspective. 10255014_10152364544381620_4453019212430724493_n 1972529_10152364544696620_1614644806866799073_n

I began by first extracting the countries that had actually carried out their death sentances according to the list provided. By then going through each one i could find out the population  for each country which whould then be grouped into contanants and tallied. the resulting number would give me a number of people which were living under active death penilities. note that the graphic excludes china at the list only stated “thousands”. To get a figure which i could display using my circle bar chart idea i took the population number for each continent and made it into a percentage of 900,000,000. taking that number i then made it a percentage of 360 the resulting number was used to determate how much of the circle to cut away to represent overall population. for example

232,000,000 > 900,000,000 = 25.7

25.7 >360 = 7.1

using the tallied numbers of death sentances carried out, i devided each ove with 100 to figure out how many litte human silohettes (and how much of the silohette) would be showan to repersent death totals. The basic graphic looks like this (below)



death penalties visualization

I watching the ted talk by David McCandless about the visualization of data (posted below) there was one graphic that i really liked that made use of circles.001

I dont know what it is, but i think this circular idea has something going for it, at least in my head. The simple yet solid form speaks to me and doing some more reasearch in graphic design and data visualization i came across Josef Muller Brockmann, a Swiss graphic designer whos use of simple Helvetica style graphics has sweedish design written all over it *cough*


The work that really caught my eye when i had this circle idea running in it was his work for the line of beethoven posters

beethoven-josef-muller-brockmann 100-Days79-450x637

but more so this one that i found on a blog about Brockmann


it more or less looked exactly like what i had in mind

Death penalty

So im to visualise the number of death penalty executions carried out throughout the world. Right of the bat i know that although the numbers themselves vary widely from country to country it has to be kept in mind that each country does not have the same number of inhabitants. For example even through country A might have an execution number of 100 and country B also has an execution number of 100, the overall populous has to be taken into account. Country A might only have a population of 200 whereas B had 400. This makes country A far worse. Granted there are a number of factors that could come into that. For example dictatorships, high crime rate etc. but a country that kills a higher number of its populous compared to another despite the reasons can’t be good, being somewhat of a pariah state. i want to try and show this relationship in my final outcome.

(below, chart of global death penalties)