Book illustration- The jupiter paradox by Hylton H Smith



finishedillastration ref

The year is 2175 and the earth is a very different place with radiation from the long depleted ozone layer now reaching dangerous levels. A co-operation exists between the previously warring factions of humanity and theircreation- the cyborgs. An unexpected find on one of jupiters moons leads humanity questioning its very origins- a discovery that will eventually be known as the jupiter paradox.



  1. James,
    I have only just stumbled across these images of ‘The Jupiter Paradox’ and I must say they are exceptional. They also tie in well to the story, at least from my perspective as the author. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, but in this case I would disagree. I guess at the time of writing I was more wrapped up in the story itself, and your work certainly illustrates that my cover was very bland by comparison. If only! The book has had mixed fortunes, decent sales but very polarised reviews – either liked or trolled, not much in between.

    1. Hylton,
      Thanks for getting in contact. Im thrilled you like the designs. I had a lot of fun coming up with them. I’m currently an animation and special effects student at the university of ulster in northern ireland and I was given a sort of graphic design/illustration project where we had to illustrate book covers for 3 books within one genre by only reading the description. As I have a strong background in illustration and conceptual art for games and movies i was looking forward to doing a book cover for the first time. I read yours and thought it sounded really interesting and to be honest right up my alley (massive sci-fi fan here). I actually came up with 3 different designs for the jupiter paradox

      those being the other two. As i said i’m over the moon (no pun intended) that you got in contact and would love to be involved with illustrating any future projects you might have.


      PS. ill give you my email as wordpress can sometime delay relaying messages to me.

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