Month: March 2014




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The year is 2175 and the earth is a very different place with radiation from the long depleted ozone layer now reaching dangerous levels. A co-operation exists between the previously warring factions of humanity and theircreation- the cyborgs. An unexpected find on one of jupiters moons leads humanity questioning its very origins- a discovery that will eventually be known as the jupiter paradox.


Looking at a few more artists that illustrate for the spacemarine series of books i came across nicholas kay, a painter from america that has done a few covers in his time

nicholas kay blog and website

It could just be that im a boy, but something about the way these guys in their suits are standing and composed sends shivers up my spine. Each illustration usually has one or more of the books lead characters (or one from the legion the book is about) in an epic pose alone or with others in equally awesome poses with awesome awesomeness around them.

Ian Miller – Illustrator

doing a bit of research into¬†illustrators i came across Ian Miller. I found him by searching for¬†illustrators that have done book covers for the warhammer universe. being a lover of all things ‘grimdark’ (a word created to describe the warhammer space marine universe) I fell in love with them. Millers work, although not entirely similar to the gun toting, walking tanks of the spacemarine universe still has a feeling of uneasiness which I love.


conceptual art

Being a bit of a conceptual artist I am quite adapt to painting and getting ideas (illustrations) down on paper or to be more precise on photoshop. i predominantly use photoshop as I enjoy the freedom and speed in which ideas can arise, change and evolve before completion. If i’m honest i would have to say that i’m somewhat impatient in that my idea and paintings are usually fueled by some sort of emotion that I gain by stepping inside the world i am painting. Above are a few examples of those. I have a few ideas for a mini project which i hope to flesh out during our summer break. It sort of a pre-viz project im trying to fit around my other modules but it couldn’t hurt and would probably benifit me if I tried to combine some of the research i’m doing for this module into it. In my workflow (probably most fitting for this module) I use a lot of photography and stock images as a sort of jumping off point. some are taken from an external hard-drive in which i have gathered an extensive collection of personal images/textures and colour pallets. other times I would use or which are royalty free sites. when I have to I will use images found on google, but, the way i work these images are changed so much or are used so discreetly they are beyond all recognition.

If you’re reading this and want to know more about either the world of concept art/matte painting or the use of images in the painting process i suggest you check out Feng Zhu’s videos on youtube. I’ve been following this guy for some years and learnt a hell of a lot from him.